How to roll sushi


Spread the rice over the nori sheet

Place a nori sheet on your rolling mat and spread 1 cup of cooked sushi rice evenly over the nori by pressing with wet fingertips, leaving a 1-inch border at the far edge.

Smear a small amount of wasbi on the rice

Smear a small amount of wasabi in a line across the middle of the rice (be sparing with wasabi, it's hot!).

Place the fillings on the rice

Arrange small portions of your chosen fillings (in this case, smoked salmon slices and avocado) on top of the wasabi in a horizontal line down the center of the rice.

Roll up the sushi into a cylinder

Roll up the sushi tightly with the sushi mat to form a neatly packed cylinder (like a fat cigar).

Squeeze the sushi roll firmly

Squeeze firmly to make sure the sushi roll is tightly packed (be careful not to squeeze too hard or you'll break the sushi roll).

Cut into rounds

Cut each sushi roll into 1½-inch rounds using a sharp, damp knife (it's important that you re-moisten the knife after each cut).

Serve the sushi with accompaniments

Serve the sushi with a small bowl of shoyu (soy sauce) for dipping, extra wasabi for those who like their sushi extra hot, and slices of gari (Japanese pickled ginger) for cleansing the palate between sushi pieces. You can eat sushi with your hands or with chopsticks.