Fruit couscous with honey-cinnamon yogurt
Orange-infused couscous with fresh strawberries, grapes and a dollop of honey-cinnamon yogurt. Serve as a dessert or as a breakfast dish.

1 cup fresh unsweetened orange juice
¼ cup water
1 tablespoon sugar
1 cup couscous (quick-cooking)
2 cups sliced fresh strawberries
2 cups red or white seedless grapes
2 tablespoons liquid honey
8 tablespoons thick natural-set yogurt (Greek yogurt is ideal)
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

HEAT the orange juice, water and sugar in a saucepan over a high heat until it comes to the boil. PLACE the couscous in a heat-proof bowl, pour over the boiling liquid, and cover with a plate or clean dishcloth to trap the steam. AFTER 5 minutes fluff up the couscous with a fork, then stir through the grapes and sliced strawberries. COVER and cool in the fridge. WHILE the fruit couscous is cooling mix together the yogurt, liquid honey and cinnamon in a bowl. SERVE the fruit couscous with the honey-cinnamon yogurt drizzled on top (you can also add a light dusting of cinnamon if you like).

Variations: Fresh sliced peaches and berries like raspberries and blackberries also go perfectly with this dessert.