Fragrant shrimp and chickpea curry
Plump, juicy shrimp combine wonderfully with the nutty flavor and creamy texture of chickpeas in this comforting and fragrant Indian curry.
Chunky bean and vegetable soup with basil pesto
A hearty fiber-rich soup chock full of protein-packed beans and chunky vegetables, and accented by the robustness of basil pesto.
Moroccan chicken and olive stew with couscous
A delicately-spiced Moroccan stew with chicken, green peppers and plump black olives, served over a bed of fluffy couscous.
Soba noodle stir-fry with edamame, mushrooms and bok choy
A Japanese-inspired stir-fry with soba noodles, mushrooms, bok choy and vibrant green edamame beans coated in a rich and savory sauce.
Mediterranean tuna and white bean salad
A fresh, protein-packed salad with chunks of tuna, white beans, tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, red onion and black olives.
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Moroccan tomato, chickpea and couscous soup
Couscous adds a wonderful texture to this Moroccan-spiced tomato soup, and the protein and fiber rich chickpeas make this soup extra nourishing and tasty.
Thai fish cakes with sweet chili-lime dipping sauce
Fish cakes are a popular appetizer and snack in Thailand. In this recipe, delicately spiced fish cakes are served with a sweet chili-lime dipping sauce.
16 meatless Mediterranean and Asian meals
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